About me

There is lot many to tell but I make sure I keep it short

I Nirmal Kumar basically from Bangalore done my engineering degree from Vemana IT kormanagala Bangalore. I joined engineering because in 2005-2008 there was huge demand (trend) for engineers, it’s like only engineers can go abroad and earn lot money as other are doing and I too joined college and also done pretty well in academic as well, with First Class(FC) Grade. No backlogs all passed in first attempt and never applied for revaluation to get extra marks.

Academics went good even I got job placed in MNC through college and I was the one among first 6 students to get first placed in entire college out of 800 eligible students.

Then I didn’t join due to personal issues. Then I done java course as that was the only option left, I got to know that people are not looking for the skill which we learnt in college, then I got to tension,  just made us sleepless with no reasons.

My luck was so bad when we graduate recession effect was there and then in that there were not as much as job portals now we have, filled with all fake consultancy to cheat you.

Then finally got a company with just 90$/month ie: salary 6000 rs per month.

Here I started learning everything, how website is built, how google work and lot other internet stuffs, started working lot of different website and every time new learning.

I left it because it was 9am -7.30 almost 10.30 hours strictly including Saturday 6 days working, I was feeling life is hell as I was just college passed never sat more than 2 hr consciously in 1 room and no even govt holiday as there are working for US clients, there are good in dollars(very very good I can say) but for us pay was very less.

Then I got good hike in next company and  started learning new things, and my salary keep on growing and from there never looking back. You can look my linkedin profile
Secret is people are ready to give more money if your worth for it.

Now I own 3 bhk house near silk board with all super amenities, Car.
I still travel in bike as Bangalore as traffic is very bad, and

My first website I booked is “getmycake.com” to sell cakes online, we started earning but we locked between secured paying job and occasionally getting income, so it failed but I learned a lot of things.

Next website I booked is gapchup.com in this I wanted to sell printed mug and print t-shirts but then 6 year back lot of offline support needed, again I stopped working on this and again concentrated on salary.

From there some part of money I keep investing to learn something even If I won’t get any return  know problem but I will learn something, now those investments are making to earn lakhs even while I am sleeping.

I have blogs, Apps, website and lot more earning modules.

Once in movie or in facebook I saw inspiration message, Even time take test with God too then think we are common human, right time will come you just need to wait for it. Because SUN will shine in his time and Moon will shine in his time.

If you want to meet me to discuss then one can contact by filling form