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You may be thinking what is this page about and what I want to convey here.

Below are the simple scenario of mine and my know people or some set of example to think before you enrol in genuine institute.

I am sharing this article so that you can save and invest yours or your parents hard earned money in right institute to gain knowledge.

Most people get trapped by wrong institute as their institute intentions will be to just grab money from you guys and at the end of the course you won’t be learning nothing.

If the student is good at academic or toper, he will byheart(mugup) the concepts and get placed.

“What about student who are average like me.”

Once 8 yrs back in 2010 when I done my java web development course(institute name I will tell when you meet me, it’s just privacy), I too didn’t know how to check institute gennuniity. I just saw their brand name and facebook colourful ads, along with other friends like black sheep I enrolled there.

Then training was poor and concepts are not going to my head, didn’t gave pre interview materials, didn’t help how to prepare resume, basically they gave training but they didn’t help how to crack interview. It’s like in Mahabharata Abhimanyu knows to enter in chakrayuva but he ddidn’t know how to come out from it and later after few years I got to know( I will tell this story when you come for demo)

I think you people may be knowing already what is digital marketing or done research on it or attended some demo session with other institutes right?

One more very interesting trap is there regarding placement, definitely you should know this trick not only for this course but any other course, Attend demo and meet me I will share this trick.

They just run a class for 5 months and you will be frustrated and get bored of the course and join in other field and you can’t comment any negative as well because it will be yours fault as well as not attending the class

Some people may think digital marketing is money making skills in online

Digital marketing may be trending in marketing in job search and startups.

May be your working domain will be boring or no feature growth in salary so you want to switch easily

One best use of digital marketing or social media is narendramodi, he is the first person to use digital platform efficiently. I don’t think I need to explain on this as you will be knowing it

Suppose you want to go learn digital marketing, now first thing is you will find searching them on google, or you ask suggestion from friends or family, or you have found some colourful ads in Facebook or Instagram.

If your friend or family member suggest then you can go directly as they will give proper feedback and just think and join if you want or check any other better institute available in your area.

Now make alist of institutes you found from google or facebook and try to attend demo and compare all possible things, like distance to travel, price, syallabus, learning, trainer experience, batch timings and lot other factors

First thing there are 2 types of learning model
Online – In this type of learning there will be some pre recorded videos, it as same as YouTube.
We strongly recommend not to go online learning.
If you want to go for online training then you can go and learn from Youtube or some blogs,
Why to pay extra money to see videos which are available for free in youtube?
There won’t be real time scenario and any doubts can’t be solved, don’t know how frequently these videos are updated

Classroom – Which mean you will visit to institute & meet the trainer and meet your co-learner; it will be as same as your college environment.
There are lot of advantages in the classroom training, you will meet new people you may get some idea or even you may get inspired by someone, they may give any referral job opportunity, any difficulties in learning or implementation you can take help from the class groups. The class will be interactive with real time scenario and examples and will get help to clear your doubts then and there itself and many more advantage you get. We can discuss more here when you attend for demo

So many more you can discuss and learn when you attend demo.