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If you want to write as guest blogger in our website you can send topic ideas to us and if we like we publish in our website once after all the conditions are met

It must be more than 800+ words articles

It should be interesting to read with para and heading

Include images or infographics were necessary

There should not be any spelling mistake and grammatical errors

It should be 100% unique content

Even theme or structure should have copied from other

It should not have published in any other websites or social media

Your article should not have any affiliate links

Will give do-follow link in author profile or if you want link to any particular word within the content let us know

Do search in our site before sending, we won’t publish which are repeated

Some guidliness listed below which need to be follow

Anything that is constraint to link building scheme

Don’t write to promotional about your company. Let us know if you wanted to write promotional only

We don’t accept anything is offensive or inaccurate or casino, gambling, betting sites

We won’t accept anything which tell negative about other company or products or Online reputation management related content, rasicsm or violates any laws

Things listed below one has to look out

We won’t pay any money for submitting the guest post

We keep content as long as possible until there is any wrong with content

We have right to change content or alter later or before publishing

Be ready with author profile, photo of author and LinkedIn profile

Topics you can choose to write. Strictly anything related to technology

Tech, Digital, Start-ups, Education, Cloud, Ecommerce, Business, Apps. Trending tech, tech news, How to, Self-help, It Courses

How to submit Guest Post

  1. Hope you will meet above guideline for guest post
  2. Go to contact form and send us request
  3. Mention the topics you want to write in article

As we receive request, we will let you know if anything else needed before publish. We need 3-4 days to check and acknowledge. If you didn’t get mail from us then consider that we rejected your proposal.

Let us know if you are looking for Sponsored post or guest post submission sites related to your category.

Once the article is published, we will let you know.