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This blogging course is conducted in a classroom environment where you learn and implement the modules by taking actions steps and completing the task on a daily basis. We will ensure that by the end you finish the blogging course that your blog is up and ready. We teach all the aspects regarding to the blogging. After the completion of blogging course training you will be able to earn money sitting at home from your blog

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Blogging Course Training

Sat & Sun

8:00AM, 12:00PM, 7:00PM

₹ 17999 /-
₹ 13999 /-

Blogging Course Training

Only Sat

8:00AM, 12:00PM, 7:00PM

₹ 17999 /-
₹ 13999 /-

Blogging Course Training

Only Sun

8:00AM, 12:00PM, 7:00PM

₹ 17999 /-
₹ 13999 /-

Blogging Course Training


8:00AM, 12:00PM, 7:00PM

₹ 17999 /-
₹ 13999 /-

Blogging Course Training


8:00AM, 12:00PM, 7:00PM

₹ 17999 /-
₹ 13999 /-

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  • We conduct only 3 day in week which consit of 1.5hr/day for weekday batch.
  • We kept rest day after every class just to give time to students to work on given assignments
  • We kept early morning 8am batch as most people preffer in morning, so they can get free time for rest of the day to attend interview as fresher and proffesional can go to there office by 10
  • Most of them preffer 8am batch so they get free time for rest of day or late eveninig 7.00pm batch for working proffesional who can join after

Blogging Course Curriculum

  • What is a blog
  • Difference between blog and website
  • Scope of blogging
  • Requirements to start a blog
  • Free blogging
  • Premium blogging
  • Which blogging platform, CMS (content management system) to choose?
  • How to choose niche for blogging
  • How to select a blog/domain name
  • How to choose hosting for the blog/domain name
  • Tips and suggestions to create your blog post
  • Basic introduction of web development
  • Basic introduction of Wordpress and other CMS
  • Basic introduction of Wordpress and other CMS
  • Uploading theme to you blog
  • Basics of designing with tools
  • Basic setting of the wordpress dashboard
  • Starting with post setting
  • Starting with page setting
  • Favicon and logo
  • Header and footer creation
  • What are plugins and widgets
  • Important plugins needed for blog/website
  • Settings of the plugins
  • Types of content writing
  • How to choose the topic
  • How to do keyword research and choose the keywords
  • How to write content
  • Important factors needed to be added in the blog content
  • Preparing content calendar
  • What is meta title and how to write meta title
  • How to write meta description
  • Installation of significant tools to track your website performance
  • On page optimization tips and basic SEO
  • Tips and suggestions to earn money from blog
  • How to step up money making blog
  • How to maintain a blog
  • How often you need to blog and frequency
  • Renewal of your blog name
  • Renewal of you blog hosting
  • Different online strategies to make money
  • Support provided for any assistance needed regarding the blog
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By Registering in group you can avail discount upto 40%

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I want to learn digital marketing so i can be ready for placements and take marketing as a specialization in next subject


I have passed out of the college recently and looking for job. I want to learn digital marketing and know more on salary and career growth

House Wife

I want to learn digital marketing to do some work from jobs or I have my products & I want to know how to sell and market online with social media and other digital platforms

Career Change

I want to switch from present role as my career is not growing, less scope and job opportunities and also the salary scale is not growing as expected


Want to learn the digital marketing strategies to implement on my website and start-ups or I was billing high from SEO agency, so thought to learn to know what exactly it is


I wanted to start a blog but i don’t how to start and what all thing need to start or I have blog but don’t know how to promote and need tips to start earning from it


I want to learn Digital Marketing as I have seen lot many people are doing freelance seo Jobs in part time and work from home jobs

Working Digital Marketer

I want to learn new strategies and update my skills. For the present company and in the interviews people are asking International SEO & growth hack for revenue increase. I want to learn ADwords & social media with real budget spent on campaigns

Blogging Training Course

  • Any Stream Graduate Can Learn
  • Learn How to Make Money
  • No Technical Background Required
  • 1 Week Free Class If You Like Demo
  • Demo Is Free Of Cost To Attend, We Just Take 20min of Your Time
  • Get Started Earning Within 30 Days

Attend Demo - A Chance To Wing your Career And Earning

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Will Take Just 20 mins

Why waste hard earned money of your/parents

Verify after attending demo

Then join the course and wing your career

Attend Demo and give a wing to your career

Date: This weekend Saturday

Time: 10 am – 10:30 am, 12 pm – 12.30 pm

Location: BTM near water tank stop Google Map Location

Digital marketing is tending and one of the most important IT skill almost all companies are looking for it, all the day to day task are going online, nowadays everything on digital. Digital is the next big thing in the market. Ordering food, medicine, petrol and booking flight, rooms everything made easy and convenient with digitalization

Yourstory also listed SEO/Digital Marketing in top 10 skills

And recently in LinkedIn also people shared “Top 10 Tech Skills in demand in 2019” have a look by searching in LinkedIn

Money is very hard to earn, before investing think it twice, so why to invest just like that

I request/urge to attend demo before taking up the digital marketing course in Bangalore.

Do you take bike or car without visiting to showroom or doing test drive? - No right

Do you just go only to one showroom/brand or you visit multiple car/bike companies?

So for everything people go for test and see how it works, even a bulb for house or flat to stay

There are many number of digital marketing institute in Bangalore which are out there, how you know which are good and right for you, how you can get to know what is latest syllabus they are teaching, how to verify it. So attend demo with our institute once and then decide where you want to join

We take just 20-30 mins of time not more than that as we value your time. We won’t tell unwanted stories like others

If you want demo in any other day or time please let us know by call or whatsapp on +91 77953 - 66930

Who can attend this digital marketing training demo?
1) People with any background
2) People with any stream degree
3) People want to learn digital strategies
4) People who have blog, or website or business which you want to grow online
5) People who want to be settle in booming career
6) Students, housewife and want to explore freelancing

What is the agenda of Digital Marketing Course?
1) Introduction to Digital World
2) What is Digital Marketing/Blogging
3) What is SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing
4) Website Design And Development
5) Good and Bad Strategies
6) How To Write Content For Blogs
7) My Journey – I Will Show Proof Of My Income From Online
8) How To Verify Institution That Will Help You To Grow Genuinely

Way to earn money after completion of digital marketing certification course
1) How to start blog and earn money
2) How to start app and earn money
3) How to earn from affiliate marketing sitting at home
4) How to make money from youtube
5) How to start freelancing work
6) How to earn money from Amazon and flipkart sitting at home
7) How to make money from content writing
8) How to get high paying job in start-ups/company

What is there for entrepreneur in this course?
1) Learn in and out of digital marketing
2) How to promote website online
3) Basic to advance optimization technique
4) Have an idea something to start online, learn how to make website work
5) Learn how to get more leads
6) Learn how to sell any product online and increase revenue
7) Learn how to cheek the ‘report of progress’ from your team or agency to whom you have outsourced

Salary and designation after completion of digital marketing certification course
1) SEO/Digital Marketing Expert 15k-25k per month
2) SEO/Digital Marketing Manager 25k-40k per month
3) SEO/Digital Marketing Lead 45k-75k per month
4) Social Media Expert 25k-40k per month

After completion course one can get Digital Marketing Certification from Google, SEM Rush & HubSpot

Speaker: Nirmal Kumar, Digital Strategist at UIMentor

Venue: 272, 6th Main Rd, Stage 2, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

Map link :

We looking forward to meet you

Whatsapp/Call to book demo and have any quires at +91 77953-66930

UIMentor Blogging Course Benifits

You have made the right decision in choosing a blogging course which enables you to earn an additional income and gradually you can make this as a full-time income and become an entrepreneur.

This blogging course in Bangalore is conducted in a classroom environment where you learn and implement the modules by taking actions steps and completing the task on a daily basis. We will ensure that by the end you finish the Blogging training course that your blog is up and ready.

Do you want to learn how to make money online? Call or Whatsapp us@+91-7019835834

There are different ways to learn blogging; online and offline classes. Online classes have a self-paced learning approach towards them, where in students are provided with videos, PDFs to learn from at your own pace.

In offline classes, here we give individual attention to the students. Our concept is to learn, practice, and implement. Most of the classes will be based on practical knowledge, learn new techniques, create your own strategy, and implement new things. Meet people from all walks of life and improve your network.

With your blog/website, the niche you are starting on, understand the points which can be useful to the user and the society. Solve the problem of the users which can be helpful and build your audience network. By 2020, all business will be having blogs and websites. Across the globe, every profession has its websites and digital presence to reach out to their customer base with their blogs and articles.

There are lots of jobs opportunities in this digital era. After learning digital marketing alongside the next step would be to start a blog to execute them practically to gain more knowledge. Any idea is not small, taking action steps makes them bigger brand. Everything started as nothing.

Start Your Blog Now Call or Whatsapp us@+91-7019835834

There have been new startups who became entrepreneurs initially started as a blog and then to business.

What do you get in this course

  1. Your own live blog.
  2. You will gain knowledge of how to make money from blog.
  3. You will become an Entrepreneur.
  4. You will get trained on how to build a website.
  5. You will understand about content marketing.
  6. Expertise in searching and problem solving skills
  7. Become skilled at digital marketing and how to grow the visitors to blog.
  8. Choosing a niche/domain name for 1 year
  9. Selecting hosting space of your website/blog for 1 year.
  10. Live practical and case studies to work on.
  11. Practice test/Interview question and answer.